MMK FollaCell AS produces high-grade mechanical market pulp (BCTMP and CTMP – Bleached – Chemi – Thermo – Mechanical – Pulp) from round wood and sawmill chips. Depending on the grade, the mechanical pulp is made of 100 % softwood or a mixture of softwood and hardwood. The wood pulp is characterised by high quality and product stability. The typical CSF Range (Canadian Standard Freeness) is 250–600 ml and ISO Brightness between 60–80 % Elrepho. FollaCell has an annual capacity of 140,000 tons.

Typical end-use applications of MMK FollaCell`s mechanical pulp are:


The low shive content, good bulk and stiffness properties as well as the high purity make the pulp well suited for general food packaging and liquid packaging.

Absorbent products

Most tissue products, with high water absorption properties and strength, can be produced with MMK FollaCell´s CTMP and BCTMP. With its high long-fiber content and low fines level it is well suited for absorbent products.

Writing and printing papers

The strength, low shive content and optical properties of low-freeness BCTMP, as well as the high brightness level achievable with peroxide bleaching, make it suitable for use in the production of writing and printing papers.

Tradition and Modernity

The Norwegian mill MMK FollaCell AS was founded in 1919 and is since mid-2013, part of Mayr-Melnhof Karton. The production is state-of-the art based on latest research, both in terms of raw material quality and sustainability.

Environment and Society

Mechanical wood pulp production at Follafoss, Norway, has good reasons:

The traditional elements of wood pulp production are inherently present in this small rural, lakeside district: Huge renewable forest resources combined with a rich supply of hydroelectricity and the access to purest fresh water makes this geographical location unique and perfect for wood pulp production. The location of Follafoss on the Trondheim fjord offers ideal infrastructure: supplies and deliveries can arrive and depart reliably year-round by ship thanks to its own port, which is free of ice.

MMK FollaCell AS only processes materials from sustainable-managed forests. The pulp products from MMK FollaCell are available with FSC® or PEFC™ certification.

FollaCell AS being an essential part of the economic setting in this region. Not only does the mill provide important jobs, but it also grows and invests considerable amounts in order to maintain a healthy and pleasant environment.

Technical Specifications of the MMK FollaCell qualities:

CTMP HB350/60
CTMP HB450/60

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