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Gloss 75°

01.11.2011 - Cartonboard Know-How

Gloss is a direct (mirroring) reflection on the cartonboard surface at a specific angle.



Test Standard

ISO 8254-2       

General information 

The gloss is a direct reflection on the surface and is determined according to ISO 8254-2. It is measured with special measuring equipment in which the sample is irradiated with parallel light at an incidence angle of 75°. A surface is considered to be glossy when the major part of light is reflected directly and only a small part is reflected diffusely. The intensity of the reflected light depends on the angle of incidence and the properties of the test surface. Matt surfaces reflect the light not only in the main direction of reflection, but also in other directions.

Additional details – practical relevance

Gloss is a property of coated board and paper grades. The gloss gives the cartonboard an elegant appearance, which is important especially in demanding print images.