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MMK digital: Future-oriented for the cartonboard industry

26.03.2018 - Innovations / Investments, Company / Mills

MMK digital integrates all business functions along the value chain – from production preview to product selection and booking, all the way to call-offs from the warehouse and delivery tracking including GPS information – so it is much more than a product catalogue or just an ordering platform. Customers benefit from the exceptional flexibility and transparency around the clock – opening up a new era in the cartonboard business.

optimises and simplifies existing business processes

24/7 Selfservice

Customers can independently place orders, enter call-offs, and track or change deliveries around the clock.

Increased transparency

Customers can view all business processes with MM Karton in real time, e.g. order quantities, deliveries, stock levels, process documents, price lists.

Seamless processing and reaction times

Improved information flow and 
quicker processing result in process 
optimisation and time savings. 
Order confirmations are sent 
within seconds.

Efficient use of resources

Support with delivery optimisation helps save money and resources. Customers can take advantage of the full transportation utilisation with just few clicks. The platform supports the customer with active optimisation suggestions.

Increased mobility

By using MMK digital on mobile 
devices (smartphone, tablet), 
customers can take advantage of 
all services and information from 
anywhere and around the clock.

Enhanced quality

Automated processes not only 
increase the comfort level for the 
customer, they also improve data 
quality because incorrect manual entries are eliminated. 


Simple, clear, quick – the processes are aligned 
along B2C platforms but take into account the 
complex and specific requirements of B2B trading.

enhances the presentation and comparability of the product range

Clear search and filter function

The comprehensive product portfolio is presented in a clearly structured way, and specific items can be accessed directly via search and filter functions. Product descriptions provide additional more detailed information.

Support with product selection

Various cartonboard and liner products can be compared in terms of their technical parameters, to help users more quickly find the ideal product for a specific application. 

With MMK digital, we can offer continuous and seamless process automation for a complete and consistent purchasing experience. We believe that the optimum interlinking of the various online and offline sales channels is the decisive factor for future success – both yours and ours. MMK digital – buy board online!




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