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MMK Cartonboard can block grease

24.11.2018 - Barriers, Sustainability, Cartonboard Know-How

Grease Barrier

Food packaging in store shelves has to be decorative and appetizing. 
It should symbolise quality and good taste. Without annoying grease spots and discolourations! Cartonboard with a grease barrier makes for an ideal presentation.

Good to know
Depending on how greasy the packaged product is, the fat-repellent protection is applied either only to the reverse side of the cartonboard or also to the additional layers. The value defines the degree of grease repellence and ranges between 1 (weak) and 12 (strong). The rating results from the intensity of the cartonboard treatment. MM Karton produces grease qualities with grease barriers up to a value of 11. The qualities with grease barrier are of course used in packaging with direct food contact. They are also suitable for greasy non-food applications.


Natural alternative to
  • Plastic or polystyrene clam shells and plates
  • Cartonboard with lamination (e.g. PE, Aluminium)
  • Greasy foods (e.g. baked goods and pastries, snacks, fast food)
  • Cosmetics (e.g. moist tissues)
  • slightly greasy Pet food
  • Greasy technical products (e.g. ball bearings)
Cartonboard with sustainable grease barrier protects packaging from annoying grease stains

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