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Kellogg´s goes natural with Accurate™ for cookie packaging

01.03.2021 - Virgin Fibre Cartonboard, Sustainability, Customer Stories

Kellogg Company is the international leader in the breakfast cereals market. That is general knowledge. What many people do not know is that Kellogg is the world’s second biggest producer of cracker snacks and biscuits. In 2018, the new premium Kellogg’s EXTRA brand launched on the Russian market for biscuit-granola. For the Christmas special edition, Kellogg switched the outer packaging from foil to a sustainable folding box solution made of MMK's Accurate™.

EXTRA tasty 
The story of any good food begins with its ingredients, and with Kellogg’s it is no different. Granola is delicious and nutritious – as breakfast and in cookie form. Kellogg’s Extra granola biscuits are made with baked cereals, retain the crunchy granola texture and literally melt in the mouth. Those with a sweet tooth are delighted with interesting combinations of flavours: chocolate and hazelnuts, chocolate and caramel, chocolate and orange. 
Kellogg’s focus is and has always been on high-quality ingredients responsibly sourced. They are constantly striving to improve their daily actions with respect to sustainability. So it is only logical for Kellogg to emphasise the naturalness of their products through natural packaging for their Christmas edition.

Kellogg Packaging
Kellogg's packaging before and after the switch to cartonboard

EXTRA natural and premium impression
Kellogg opted for a sustainable cartonboard packaging made out of Accurate™, MM Karton´s “white" GC2 virgin fibre cartonboard. The material as well as the print design of the cartonboard packaging guarantee a first-class appearance for the granola biscuits and highlight the premium cookies on the store shelves. Accurate™ meets even the highest visual and sensory requirements and puts the spotlight clearly on the benefits of the delicious, packed product. Kellogg’s natural packaging is produced by MM Polygrafoformlenie Packaging.

The way our foods are packaged ensures their safety, freshness and great taste. We are aware that we must also consider the impact of our packaging on the environment. These dual considerations have influenced our company’s packaging since our founding in 1906 when our cereal boxes were introduced with recycled content. We are working hard to reduce, reuse and recycle wherever we can. Our goal is to achieve 100 % reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging by the end of 2025. Already, this commitment is changing the way we work as we progress toward these goals.
Olga Boyarchenkova, Senior category manager Indirect and Packaging at Kellogg RUS LLC.


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