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Going natural with Accurate™ for parking discs

21.02.2020 - Virgin Fibre Cartonboard, Sustainability, Customer Stories

Big goals are achieved in small steps. That goes for sustainability as well.

Plastic substitution in every aspect of life

In recent decades, the use of plastics has increased dramatically due to cheap production and subsequent low costs. Along with the increasing use of plastics in our everyday lives, their negative consequences have intensified. Plastic has permeated all aspects of our lives. Now it is time to critically question its applications and replace it with more sustainable materials wherever it does not clearly offer added value. Take parking discs, for instance. Though the savings potential may seem small for a single disc, the impact of replacing all discs would be significant.

Parking without tickets AND without plastic

Parking discs are an important item for every driver wanting to avoid parking tickets. So it is just as important to think about their sustainability. The German company fides Druck & Medien specialises in the production of parking and data wheels for customers in Germany and abroad. For fides, preserving natural resources is not an obligation, but a matter of course. The energy needed to run production at the company plant, which is built 100 % of wood, is obtained from natural sources (solar and hydro-electric power). In line with the motto “Every disc counts”, fides produces its eco-friendly parking discs with our virgin fibre quality Accurate™ and delivers them to advertising merchandisers, advertising agencies and selected end customers in Europe. The cartonboard discs are a sustainable alternative for conventional plastic discs. For fides, Accurate™ is their material of choice because of its excellent visual impression and its outstanding converting efficiency, and not only for parking discs but for many of the company’s other products like data wheels, luggage tags and door tags.

Every journey begins with one step, and with every single step we get a little closer to our goal of a sustainable world.


parking discs made of Accurate™ Mayr-Melnhof Karton
The parking discs made of Accurate™ provide worry-free parking – the natural way.


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