Cartonboard ? the most sustainable packaging solution
  • Renewable through the use of the renewable raw material (timber) originating from sustainably managed forests.  
  • Recyclable, as cartonboard can be recycled several times and new cartonboard is mainly produced from recovered paper.
  • Eco-friendly, as forests represent enormous carbon sinks, in addition to the climate-neutrality of sustainably harvested timber.

In addition to product technology and economic advantages, these aspects demonstrate that cartonboard also represents the most sustainable packaging solution from an ecological point of view. It is based on the use of renewable resources and provides the highest recycling rate and absolutely lowest carbon dioxide (CO2) emission values throughout the entire value-added chain.

Sustainable resource management

As industry sector leader, it is one of our objectives to set market standards for the sustainable and responsible management of resources.  The focus lies on the independent monitoring of raw material purchasing as well as the product's certified conformity with international environmental and social standards in order to uphold the sustainable production in the long-term.

Renewable - Recyclable - Eco-friendly