The production of environmentally-friendly packaging solutions has always been the focus of our business activities. In this regard, we concentrate on the realisation of the following principles:

Responsible use of resources
We primarily process recycled and renewable raw materials and we use state-of-the-art and high-performance technology.  In this way, we can be resource-efficient in manufacturing our high-quality cartonboard and folding cartons.

Harmony between economic and ecological responsibility

Competitiveness with a high sense of responsibility can be combined with ecological and social criteria in the manufacture of cartonboard and folding carton products and remain economically attractive at the same time.

Highest possible standards

Our comprehensive objective, as a market and cost leader, is to establish new market standards for sustainable business activities and the responsible use of resources.

Ethical and respectful principles of action

The guideline for our activities is always to conduct our business as "honourable businessmen", and it is at the heart of our principle of ethical action in the areas of legality, human rights and working standards throughout our Group.

Sustainable production- 
a basic principle
of our business activities

Questions about sustainability 
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