Cartonboard lifecycle

For consumers, a holistic approach, i.e. an awareness of the social and ecological impacts of one's product choices, is becoming ever more important. It is therefore of crucial importance to assure a closed and therefore sustainable product cycle.

Cartonboard - An eco-intelligent packaging material

For the cartonboard industry, eco-intelligence is defined as follows:

  • Cartonboard is a product made from organic, renewable, recyclable and sustainable materials - pure nature. In the cartonboard industry, certifications for fibres from sustainably managed forests (FSC® & PEFC™) have become the standard.
  • Cartonboard production, which is run in a highly energy-efficient manner by now, is relying increasingly on energy from renewable energy sources. Thus, cartonboard is the packaging material with the lowest impact on the environment (reduced carbon footprint).
  • After consumption, cartonboard packaging has several other uses:

    • It is included in the recycling process and forms the basis for the production of the most environmentally-friendly packaging material - recycled cartonboard
    • The possibilities for the development of innovative, recyclable cartonboard packaging with an application spectrum far exceeding its original functionality are endless

  • Cartonboard is compostable and is a valuable source of energy at the end of its life cycle; fibres can be recycled five to seven times

Sustainability -
from the tree to the folding carton