Multi-Mill concept

Besides specific product requirements at economical prices, customers expect consistent quality and a high degree of security of supply with short lead times from their supplier. This requires the producer to stand out decisively from the competition based on efficiency and flexibility of production.

Creating the conditions for being one step ahead of the competition requires a globally integrated production network, and optimised planning with a balanced mix of special products and a broad complementary product range.

MM Karton has gradually expanded its Multi-Mill Concept in line with these market requirements. For the customer, this concept means that market-proven and highly-valued qualities such as MCM or MCB, for example, are produced at the group's different mills and offered in the usual high quality.

Kolicevo produces the Multicolor Special (MCS) and MM-Liner (MML) boards, and Gernsbach, in addition to Frohnleiten, Neuss and Hirschwang, the well known Multicolor Mirabell (MCM) board. Since January 2012 also GC qualities from Baiersbronn resp. Kolicevo.

Explore the quality of the expanded range and ask your competent MM product advisor for further information. They will be pleased to assist you in selecting the MM products tailored to your needs.

Security of Supply and Quality