FOODBOARD™ – The next Generation of Cartonboard

The protection of consumer health is a top priority.
Mayr-Melnhof Karton is aware of this responsibility and has developed the next generation of cartonboard which ensures the highest possible product safety.

  • FOODBOARD™ is a new, high-quality, coated cartonboard with a barrier for safe food packaging.
  • FOODBOARD™ shields packed food against defined unintended substances such as mineral oils, phthalates and bisphenol A.
  • FOODBOARD™ provides protection against cross-contamination from printing inks and the environment, which can compromise the packed food during transportation, storage and at the point of sale. 
  • FOODBOARD™ keeps the original food taste & smell and is slightly grease resistant.
  • FOODBOARD™ maintains the crunchiness and extends the shelf-life.
  • FOODBOARD™ is a pure cartonboard quality, not an extruded or laminated compound.
  • FOODBOARD™ is fully recyclable, bio-degradable and available with FSC® or PEFC™ certification.

FOODBOARD™ represents a milestone in the protection of cartonboard-packed food: Our mill in Frohnleiten, Austria, is supplying FOODBOARD™ based on recycled fibres with a brown reverse side (GT4) and with a bright reverse side (GT1), our mill in Baiersbronn, Germany, is producing FOODBOARD™ virgin fibre (GC) made purely of virgin fibres with a cream-coloured reverse side.