Packaging is an integral part of everyday life in a modern society. It provides various functions that support and simplify everyday life. The packaged goods reach the consumer in an undamaged, safe and hygienically perfect condition and offer the opportunity to provide information about the product brand as well as the product itself.

In Europe, 7 million tonnes of folding cartonboard are produced annually for various packaging applications in the Food and Non-Food sector.

Cartonboard as a packaging material offers the following advantages:

  • Protection of the packaged good

  • Graphic and design technology applications

  • Presentation of point of sales displays (POS)

  • Environmental protection

  • Provision of information

Cartonboard as a packaging material must correspond to the relevant good it is protecting and presenting, both in terms of quality and functionality.

Cartonboard produced by MM Karton fulfills all the necessary requirements. Ongoing investment in R&D enables the timely consideration of market trends as well as the realization of innovative, future-oriented approaches.