World Pharmaceutical Frontiers: Board issues


MM Karton board qualities have got a great reputation for a long time and are used for numerous applications and products. Now, one asset became particularly important in the pharmaceutical industry, a business field that is known for its high and complex demands. Hot foil stamping, spot varnishing, die-cutting, creasing and embossing -and perhaps adding Braille for blind and partially sighted consumers- are typical requirements for cartonboards used for pharmaceutical products. The legal framework against counterfeiting has been tightened and calls for new packaging features. Apart from a good rigidity and thickness, great printability which is essential to fulfil these high expectations: MM Karton is ready for it.


Printing 2D matrix codes

The codes printed by inkjet on the packing lines must be dried and smear-resistant within less than half a second. This makes it ideal to fulfil the new legal regulations regarding 2D matrix codes and offers pharmaceutical companies the possibility to add additional information via smartphones/ scanners and websites. Matrix codes also support better traceability.

The MMK qualities Excellent Top 2D, MCM 2D and Supra 2D with optimised coating have been tested according to the ISO procedure 15415 and have shown top performance and passed this examination with ease. With the implementation of a Europe-wide standard planned for 2012, this characteristic becomes mandatory.

Excellent Top is available in the grammages between 230 and 450 g/m², MCM 280 and 450 g/m² and Supra between 250 and 500 g/m².

The established properties of MM Karton - quality, reliability, competence and packaging safety- and the internal multi-mill concept that allows the production of qualities at the same standards at different locations, ensuring a permanent and stable supply-chain of these first class standard products.

New quality ready for sustainable future 

To second a further development in the digital world, MM Karton offers a new board grade: MM Digicarton Customer friendly, sustainable and ahead of competition, it is the worldwide first FBB quality that has been homologated for digital print.

In the way that 2D matrix codes integrate the offline world closer to online media, MM Digicarton connects online closer with the print world: This quality creates a new base for  personalised and differentiated products at high cost efficiency, without minimum order quantities or long preparation time. When it comes to the pharmaceutical industry, it enables the convenient implementation of multiple languages or simplifies the application of relevant consumer information for clinical trials. Together with the matrix code, this could serve as an additional security tool against product piracy. MM Digicarton is available in the grammage range of 230g/m², 250g/m² and 275g/m².


Print-on-demand (POD) and just in-time (JIT) have become symbols of extremely efficient solutions. Short print-on-demand bring -in addition to cost, time and stock savings- the advantage of high sustainability by reducing waste during the production process to almost nothing. With digital print, the preparation process can be minimized down to three steps. Files can be modified, saved, and transferred directly to the printer. MM Digicarton has received a 100% top rating for its compatibility with the Hewlett Packard HP Indigo  WS6000 printing unit.

Cartonboard packaging saves resources

Cartonboard is the only packaging solution which is recyclable and compostable, and it is made from renewable or even recycled sources with absolutely low carbon dioxide emission values. MM Digicarton is FSC and PEFC-certified, just like all other MMK qualities.

The high annual growth rate for digital printed products confirms the trend that more and more costumers become convinced by the compelling benefits of using digital print. According to Pira International, the digital print market for the pharmaceutical segment is expected to grow worldwide to USD 1.34 billion by 2015.