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Born Again. And Again. MMK's WLC Qualities tell Stories about their Life.
„I used to be …“ – Do you believe in reincarnation? For us the question can be answered with a resounding "Yes": A wood fibre can be reused up to 7 times as cartonboard and thereby start a new life. We pay an impressive and...
FOODBOARD™ - Conversion in the Frohnleiten Mill
4,000 m³ of concrete laid, 40,000 metres of renewed cabling: The restructuring and expansion work in MM Karton's Austrian parent mill in Frohnleiten for the production of FOODBOARD™ were successfully completed. Security of supply...
Accurate™ – MMK's New "White” GC2 Quality
The strong demand for MMK's standard GC qualities and the great success of Kromopak™ have driven us to develop an equally future-oriented product for the Eerbeek mill in the Netherlands. And here is the convincing result: our new...
MM Karton presents FOODBOARD™
Mayr-Melnhof Karton presents quantum leap in product safety of cartonboard packaging FOODBOARD™ – The Next Generation of Cartonboard – ready for the market Q1/2015!
MMK sets a new mark in the virgin fiber cartonboard segment
Mayr-Melnhof Karton sharpens its image as a provider of impressive GC-qualities with best service: With a new brand image and the classification of its virgin fiber cartonboard grades in three product segments MMK emphasizes the...