Simply strong – Excellent Top™ Kraft

Thanks to its consistent, brown reverse side, the new virgin fibre Kraft quality with outstanding surface offers a natural appearance. As a result of its high stiffness and caliper, it makes for a strong brand appearance and excellent product protection. Excellent Top™ Kraft is one of the impressive results of the successful conversion of the Slovenian mill Kolicevo.

Best surface properties

Of all comparable Kraft qualities, Excellent Top™ Kraft has some of the best surface properties: With excellent opacity, a high brightness (88 % Elrepho), brilliant gloss (> 55), as well as a very smooth surface (0.8 pps), Excellent Top™ Kraft impressively communicates the quality of the packed product. These properties, combined with an attractive Kraft reverse side, make the new virgin fibre Kraft quality the right choice for particularly high optical and haptic requirements, as it creates a unique visual brand identity.

High stability and highest sensory requirements

With Excellent Top™ Kraft, the name says it all: the quality convices with its particularly high stiffness and stability values, which provide outstanding packaging stability. For very demanding applications, such as superior whisky or champagne packaging, the new cartonboard offers excellent product protection. It maintains its high stability even in high-humidity environments and in chilled or frozen conditions: Thanks to its very good Cobb values (top side < 30 gsm / 60 s; reverse side < 30 gsm / 60 s), the appearance of Excellent Top™ Kraft remains stable through all stages of the cooling chain, making it an ideal choice for chilled or frozen foods. Excellent Top™ Kraft also meets the highest sensory requirements. In many fields of application, odour and taste neutrality are an essential quality of the packaging cartonboard. With a Robinson value of ≤ 1.0, Excellent Top™ Kraft is ideal for the food sector.

With Excellent Top™ Kraft, MM Karton is introducing the new “Kraft” product segment, emphasising the versatility of its packa-ging solutions portfolio. To be continued.

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