unliMMited Innovation

We define innovativeness as our ability to create innovative, attractive offers based on our expertise and each employee's potential for new ideas, thereby creating added value for our stakeholders.

We have set up a systematic internal innovation process as a precondition for the continued implementation of ideas and know-how in the development of new products and processes. For we believe that long-term continued innovation and modernisation can only be ensured if they originate internally.

It is important to us to ensure a corporate climate that promotes employee innovativeness and enthusiasm and provides support during the implementation phase.

unliMMited measures

From the brainstorming and development to the marketability of an idea, our thriving, sustainable and innovative culture is upheld by the "unliMMited innovation process". This process is based on a broad network of employees, customers, suppliers and other partners and is further supervised by a newly-appointed innovation manager as well as innovation officers in the mills and in the sales department.

The innovation initiative focuses on

  • the development of new products
  • differentiation through the use of new technologies

unliMMited ideas -
tangible innovation defines
our corporate culture